Lolita's Muse

Claire DeWolf is humbled to announce that Lolita’s Muse, the first book in her red carpet series, is a 2019 Golden Heart® Award Finalist. The awards luncheon is July 25th from 12 PM to 2 PM and will be shown on YouTube.

Blacklisted as a young screenwriter, Liz Attwood hid behind pen names and her husband’s legend to become Hollywood’s top script doctor, only to lose it all when he died. Grieving, near bankrupt, and unable to write the romance novels that pay her bills, she goes to the sensual yoga retreat that had sparked her spicy Lolita Yardley novels to find inspiration. Instead, she finds two muses who spark her inner Lolita.

Together, Jake Daggett and Marcus Faraday embody everything she wants in a lover and a muse, and she wants to kept them both. But when scandal threatens everything, Liz must choose between hiding behind another man, or facing her crippling fears and step out from behind her husband’s legend to claim her rightful place in the spotlight.

When life gives you two choices, take both.


2019 Golden Heart® Award